News About Homelessness

public bathrooms

Where Did All the Public Bathrooms Go?

Greed and housing

Greed Means No Housing for Elderly, Disabled and Poverty-Stricken People

Gallery owner hosing down homeless woman

Assault on Houseless Person in San Francisco is Typical of the Dehumanization of People Experiencing Homelessness

Euthanizing Homelessness

Dear Canada, Euthanizing Homelessness is an Even Worse ‘Solution’ than Criminalizing It

It’s Okay to Give Money to Homeless People

It’s Okay to Give Money to Homeless People

Biden Administration Executive Action for Renters

Biden Administration Considers Executive Action to Protect Renters

California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Pledges $750 Million to Sweep Homeless Encampments

california storms

How Powerful California Storms Impact Homeless People

earn a living crafting and knitting

I Want to Earn a Living, Not Beg for One

homelessness can cause PTSD

Which Traumatic Events Cause PTSD for People Living Unhoused?

Homeless camps in Denver

Denver Nonprofits Call on City to Stop Sweeping Encampments During Freezing Weather

homeless living in a tent

What Would You Do With 47 Years to Live?

Violence against homeless person

NYC to Pay Homeless Man $135k Settlement After Cop’s Subway Assault

homeless person on bench in cold_

How Do We Solve Homelessness When the Issues Driving It Are on the Rise?

Winter and homelessness

What It Is Like Experiencing Homelessness in Winter

homeless veteran suicide rate

How Experiencing Homelessness Raises Suicide Rates for Veterans

house fire

Greedy Landlord Caught Setting Properties on Fire with Residents Inside

unsheltered homelessness

Tucson-Area Nonprofit Aims to Build Tiny Homes for Homeless People as Unsheltered Homelessness Continues to Grow

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