News About Homelessness

disabled and homeless

The Vicious Cycle of Disability and Homelessness

Tiny Home Shelters

Cities Invest in Tiny Home Shelters Despite Opposition from Advocates

Lack of Transportation Can Lead to Homelessness

Pathways into Homelessness: A Lack of Access to Transportation

Church and affordable housing

Churches to Develop Affordable Housing as Housing Crisis Persists

homeless nightmare

There Is No Escape from this Homeless Nightmare

Unaffordable housing

Affordably Built Housing Turned into Unaffordable Apartment Complexes

Domestic Violence

How Domestic Violence Fuels Homelessness for Women

homeless deaths in UK

Homeless Deaths in UK Skyrockets 85% in Just Four Years

Suburban poverty

Poverty: A Tragic Suburban Story

tenant relocation

‘Tenant Relocation’ Becomes a Big Business in LA as Protections for Renters Go Unenforced

We can solve homelessness

We Can Solve Homelessness. We Just Have to Choose To

Minneapolis functional zero solving homelessness

Could Minneapolis Become the First Major U.S. City to Solve Chronic Homelessness?

house homeless people and solve homelessness

House Homeless People and You’ll Stop Seeing Them

Breast Cancer Screening

Homeless People Lack Access to Breast Cancer Screening, ASCO Study Finds

Advocates Right to Shelter

Advocates Push Back as NY Mayor Adams Attempts to Gut the State’s Right to Shelter 

United States Senate passes Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act

Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 2023 Passes Senate After 10 Year Lapse

memories in storage

Memories of My Housed Life Stolen by Vandals

homeless deaths nameless gravestone of homelessness

The True Toll of Homelessness: 20 Homeless People Die Daily

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