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young veterans more likely to experience homelessness

Why Young Veterans Face a Mounting Risk of Homelessness

American Dream poverty and homelessness

Those Seeking the American Dream Find Poverty and Homelessness

Homelessness in Kentucky

Kentucky Passes Controversial Bill to Ban Street Camping Despite Advocate Opposition 

HUD aims to keep families together with new program

From Punishment to Prevention: HUD’s Bold Move Against Family Separation

How police actions like writing tickets can fuel the homelessness crisis

How Police Actions Fuel Homelessness Crisis

Affordable Housing contributes to thriving communities and overall well-being

How the Affordability of Housing Makes or Breaks Entire Communities

Rental Protections and tenants rights

Denver Democrats Vie to Bring Back Pandemic-Era Rental Protections

Biden State of the Union Address Housing Homelessness Crisis

Advocates Say Biden Missed an Opportunity to Address Homelessness in SOTU

Family denied Affordable Housing, Georgia opts fo rFoster Care

Affordable Housing Denied: Georgia’s Expensive Preference for Foster Care

Fact-checking as homelessness increases

Why Fact-Checking is Important When It Comes to Homelessness News

UK Rising Rents Housing affordability driving homelessness

UK’s Housing Affordability Crisis Drives Surge in Homelessness

Representative Maxine Waters on the housing crisis

Housing Crisis Front and Center: Democrats Push for Legislative Solutions

homeless women in UK

Homeless Women in the UK Are Likely to Die Before Their 43rd Birthday

State of Homelessness in America

Homelessness by the Numbers

homelessness at an all time high in US

American Homelessness Just Hit a Historic High

high rent, high homelessness

High Rent Equals High Homelessness – It’s That Simple

corporate developers are hiring private security to criminalize homeless people

Behind the Shadows: Corporate Real Estate’s Covert War on America’s Homeless

Longing for pet companionship

The Heartbreaking Quest for Pet Companionship in a World of Housing Insecurity