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Jefferson Award Winner Furnishes Formerly Homeless Veterans’ New Apartments

Native American Veteran Homelessness

Homelessness Among Native American Veterans is Under-Researched and Under-Reported

Veterans Row Encampment

How Government Created, Instead of Prevented, an All-Veterans Homeless Encampment

Native American Veteran Homelessness

Homeless Native American Veterans Poised to Receive Millions of Dollars in Aid

veterans row

The True Price of Freedom: A Look at Veterans Row

disabled veterans

How Veterans with Disabilities Wind Up Homeless

Veteran's Row Los Angeles

Inside Veterans Row: Homeless Vets Outside Los Angeles’s Veterans Administration

veterans at risk of homelessness

1.5 Million American Veterans are at Risk of Homelessness Right Now

bank account closed

How Homeless Veterans and Social Security Recipients Can Avoid Financial Vulnerability

Homeless veterans

LA’s Homeless Veterans May Be Dwindling

Homeless veterans and trauma

Homeless Veterans and Trauma

Help Homeless Veterans

How to Help Homeless Veterans

homeless veterans

How Many Homeless Veterans Are in the U.S.?

Grants Pass: Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Poverty

SCOTUS’s Grants Pass v. Johnson: Cruel and Unusual Punishment for Poverty

Asylum seekers walking in front of temporary migrant shelter tent in NYC

The Harsh Reality of NYC’s Migrant Shelter Dilemma

cycle of homelessness

Examining the Intersection of Homelessness and Social Issues

Fog over Los Angeles

Fog’s Hidden Threat: How Haze Endangers Homeless People

Will California's Proposition 1 help address homelessness or make it worse

Why Housing Advocates Are Sour on California’s Proposition 1