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homeless at birth

Homeless at Birth: A Look at the Healthy Parents Healthy Babies Report

Texas Rents and Homeless Shelters

With Rents Rising Fast, Texas Homeless Shelters See More Families Seeking Help

Mobile Homes

As Rents Skyrocket for Manufactured Homes, So Does Risk of Homelessness

housing is a human right

Housing Affordability Becomes a Primary Concern as Rents Skyrocket Nationwide

eviction notice

Rents and Evictions Tragically Spike in Metro Vancouver 

rising rents

Rising Rents Threaten Housing Security for Millions of Americans

homeless children

System Separates Homeless Children from Their Parents

landlord murders child

Landlord Murders 6-Year-Old Muslim Boy in Heinous Hate Crime

Stop wage theft

Wage Theft Surges in Our Rent-Burdened Economy  

HOA fees and homelessness

Uncapped HOA Fees are Driving People into Homelessness

Barbara Poppe at Supreme Court

Battle Against Homelessness: Barbara Poppe’s Journey from Activism to Advocacy

schools closing in London due to rampant homelessness

London Schools Closing Due to Rampant Homelessness

Chicago evictions and homelessness prevention

Chicago Evictions: From $1,000 Short on Rent to Homelessness

The city of Paris where the investment in public housing successfully reduces homelessness

Homelessness and Housing in Iconic International Cities

donations distributed outside a migrant shelter in Chicago

Chicago’s Migrant Dilemma: Navigating Shelter Limits and Backlash

cycle of homelessness

Examining the Intersection of Homelessness and Social Issues

Increased homeownership could be on the horizon with proposed plan from President Biden

Biden Proposes Homeownership Plan as Affordability Hits All-Time Low

homelessness in wealthy American cities

Homelessness is Rampant in America’s Wealthiest Cities