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Crime Against Homeless People Continues to Rise

Domestic Violence Canada

Domestic Violence in Canada Causing Rise in Family Homelessness

Sexual Violence

Homeless People at Greater Risk of Suffering Sexual Violence

domestic violence

Options for Abuse: Homelessness or Domestic Violence

landlord murders child

Landlord Murders 6-Year-Old Muslim Boy in Heinous Hate Crime

Seattle Serial Killer targeting homeless people

Seattle Serial Killer Brutally Targets Homeless Victims

Fog over Los Angeles

Fog’s Hidden Threat: How Haze Endangers Homeless People

scene of a crime homeless man murdered in florida

Another Homeless Man Senselessly Murdered in Florida

anti homeless sentiment and criminalization

As Homelessness Rises, Will Anti-Homeless Sentiment Rise With It?

Homeless Man killed

Another Homeless Man Killed with the Cameras Rolling

Suspected Serial Killer Targets Homeless Men in Los Angeles, Leaving 3 Dead

Suspected Serial Killer Targets Homeless Men in Los Angeles, Leaving 3 Dead

homeless deaths and criminalization

How Criminalization Is Contributing to Homeless Deaths

United Nations pushes back on criminalization of homelessness in the US

Criminalization of Homelessness Is a ‘Rampant’ Problem, Advocates Tell U.N.

criminalization of homeless veteran and death of his service animal

What the Tragic Death of a Homeless Man’s Service Animal Says About Criminalization

crime scene of Montana Murder of Homeless Man

Montana Community Grieves After 60-Year-Old Homeless Man Is Beaten to Death on the Streets

Federal Agent Shoots Homeless Man

Police Video Shows Homeless Family Violently Arrested and Severely Injured for Living in Park

Jordan Neely homelessness criminalization

Criminalization Experts Weigh in On the Death of Jordan Neely

homeless veterans

Homeless Veterans Killed on the Streets they Once Protected