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WOW! Just WOW! I spent the last hour registering for South by Southwest Conference held in Austin this coming March 12 – 21st. I am honored to be selected to lead a ‘core conversation’ on the topic “social media for social change”.

It’s kind of scary stepping out like this. I mean, I don’t have money so booking a hotel is rather insane. But I’m reminded of last year when I was asked to speak at my first national conference. I was asked in November yet the event was not until May. As most of you know I was very close to homelessness myself back then. I accepted that invitation fully expecting to have to cancel because I would be on the streets. Interesting that although my financial situation has not changed I have spoken at several national events this year! That’s why I am saying “WOW” over and over again!

SXSW is a huge deal so of course I accepted. In fact, the format of ‘core conversation’ is a perfect fit for me. I am like crazy excited! I have no idea how I am going to get there or how I with come up with rent money that month – who cares – it’s SXSW and I’m jumping in head first!

I turn 50 years old on March 13th. I made a promise to myself that on my 50th birthday I would jump out of an airplane. Too me, skydiving is a perfect fit to celebrate this crazy life I’ve lead for half a century, and it would be a real miracle on my part to actually go through with it. Well, I guess just being able to afford a plane ticket to fly to Austin will be my perfect fit miracle.

Thank you SXSW for believing in me and a very special thanks to everyone who supported me. Especially Heather Meeker and the Whrrl team. I didn’t even know what SXSW was until they suggested I submit a panel.  And my favorite foodie Babette for adding me with the rest of the ‘cupcakes’, TechZulu for adding me to their picks, and of course the only Christian site that listed me Church Marketing Sucks.

I am truly grateful.

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