Anastasia is 22. She has been on and off the streets since she was 18. Her fiance has been on the streets for about ten years. Anastasia tries to go home, but her mom cannot afford it, and Anastasia says it is just too much.

Anastasia is sober. She used to use heroin when she was first on the streets. Her fiance drinks far too much. Anastasia says he is cutting back, but it’s hard to detox on the streets. Her fiance is going through Delirium tremens and throwing up every morning. It sounds very serious. He needs some help. Anastasia also said Her fiance goes to the methadone clinic, which is partly why they stay downtown.

Anastasia is a vibrant young soul with a wonderful future in front of her. At least that’s what I see. That’s what I want to see! I made it off the streets of Los Angeles so I know it’s possible! Homelessness is also very scary. Lots of things can happen to a young person on the streets. My hope and prayer is that Anastasia and her fiance find the help they need. The odds are against them, but the odds were against me too!

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