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While exploring the streets of Ottawa with Judy Graves, one of Canada’s most famous homeless advocates, we happened to meet an adorable mother and son living in a homeless shelter.

Annie and Matto are very proud that they are Inuit. They are from Nunavut, which is pretty much on the top of the world. Matto helped explain it to me letting me know it’s next to Greenland.

During my Canadian road trip in 2011 I fell in love with the aboriginal culture. Such wonderful people with a gorgeous culture that must be respected and can never be forgotten. Annie and Matto speak their original language and share with us a few phrases. Many of you know how much I hate cold weather, but I would visit up North in a heart beat just to learn more about the Inuit people.

Aboriginal people come to Canada’s urban cities for various reasons. Sadly, once here, it’s often hard for them to find a way to survive. As Cassien told us in Yellowknife, going back home can also be a problem.

Annie and Matto have lived in a homeless shelter for over a year. They are on a housing list, but that often takes time.

If we are ever going to end homelessness in Canada we must seriously focus on listening to our aboriginal neighbors.

Very special thanks to Ottawa Salvation Army and Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.




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