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This is a story about homelessness, mental illness, perseverance, and the power of community. Caleb had a great job as a paramedic. But because Caleb suffers from depression, and he felt embarrassed and ashamed, he ran as far as he could from his family. The journey took him to Seattle where he learned about the Seattle Tent City model. When he had to relocate back to Ann Arbor, he based a new tent city off the Seattle model and named it “Camp Take Notice”. I love the name because we should take notice. Not all tent cities are like this, but I have seen a few examples of community that are amazing. Homeless people taking care of homeless people, and in many cases, better than what social services could do.

I have a lot of respect for Caleb. He is brilliant and I believe genuinely cares for others.

For more information on this tent city – Tent City Interview with Caleb Poirier at Camp Take Notice

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