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Christine works at McDonalds overnight and her daughter works there during the day. They are working homeless living in a weekly rate hotel and splitting shifts so one of them is there to take care of the younger children.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Minimum wage does not allow them enough money to afford first and last months rent to move out of the hotel, nor does it allow for them to afford babysitters.   If they stop working or get sick, they end up on the streets or a homeless shelter. 5 people living in one small hotel room is now the new American Dream because in many ways… it’s now the new middle class!

If you haven’t noticed watching the videos on this site, the interviews that mess me up the most you can tell by the space between my questions. Plus, that I just can’t concentrate enough to ask questions. This story messed me up and I almost forget to ask Christine about her 3 wishes. My heart goes out to every family trying to survive in poverty. I wish I could simply take all their pain away.

Special thanks to Paul Kruse

Invisible People

Invisible People


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