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Cori is a homeless single mom living in a Los Angeles 90-day emergency shelter with her daughter. Cori’s 90 days in up on 3/28 is just two days from now. Cori is disabled and cannot work. She received a little over $700 in disability income, but that is not enough to pay for rent and basic needs. 

The 90-day rule is a stupid rule driven by government contracts. Who gets their life together in 90 days? While it’s frowned upon, family shelters can extend Cori’s stay, which is the best-case scenario. It’s shocking that the service provider has yet to find Cori housing or would even consider kicking this young mom outside, but I have seen it happen. No one should be homeless, especially young children. 

Cori reached out to me and asked if I would interview her. Cori sent a link to this video Watching her story moved me, but meeting Cori and her daughter Cordelia was far beyond what I expected. 

Cori was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 3. She has lived a tough life. At one point in this interview, I had to change the topic, or I would have cried; her story is so heartbreaking. 

homeless mom and baby

Cori’s an inspiration. She’s been in the homeless shelter system in multiple states, trying to find support. It’s mind-blowing that a young mother has to move from state to state to hopefully get the help she needs only to find a broken, homeless services system. 

Cori is a talented artist and businesswoman, even against all the challenges that a homeless single mom faces daily. She started drawing on cardboard selling her art to tourists. Cory now steps up a little popup shop on the sidewalk to sell her art and some jewelry that was given to her. 

Cori shares her art on Instagram here

Homelessness is a growing, national crisis. It should be addressed in Washington. Bottom line: Housing is the solution. We need more resources to get folks into housing. Demand action. With your help, we can end homelessness. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

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