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Alex in homeless in San Francisco

I was walking around San Francisco carrying my camera when Alex approached me and started up a conversation. Honestly, I am not sure I would have asked Alex if he wanted to share his story if he had not approached me.

I did not know what to ask him. I am and still am in shock that disabled little person has to survive out on the streets. Homelessness is hard on every person who has to live outside but I cannot even imagine the challenges Alex has to face every single day.

Alex has lived homeless in San Francisco for the last two years including spending the winters outside. Alex says he has a caregiver that comes to help in a few times a week.

During this trip to San Francisco, I have seen things that I have never seen before. The mental illness and drug addiction here is at a level I do not see anywhere else including Los Angeles’s Skid Row. The fact that humans in this great country of ours cannot get the help they need is upsetting. No one should be homeless. It’s disturbing that Alex has slept outside for two years. Shame on us!

After the interview, Alex asked me if I would record an update video when he is in his new apartment. I said sure as long as Alex cooked me dinner. We talked for a bit and shared a few laughs. I can only hope and pray that Alex will find housing and the support he needs to get out of homelessness.

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