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Normally I don’t use last names. But this is not your ordinary story, and Eric Sheptock is no ordinary homeless advocate. I first heard about Eric from an NPR story a little over a year ago. Eric’s blogs on and continues to impress. He has a vast knowledge of the political landscape of this social crisis. I just had to meet him.

Last year I tried to connect. Each time I passed through DC I tried to connect with Eric yet it never happened. I wanted to interview him for because I somehow thought homelessness was in his past. Then, just this last week, I finally met Eric in person. Now I know why communication was a challenge between us. Eric lives in a shelter. Eric is still homeless.

I have lots of respect for Eric. The challenges of living without housing are tremendous, yet he finds the strength to fight for others. You can read his personal blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

This is a powerful interview I hope you share. I love Eric’s three wishes so much I have now changed mine.

Invisible People

Invisible People


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