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In this deeply moving interview, Gabby, a homeless woman in Miami, opens up about the harsh realities of living on the streets. Gabby’s story is not the typical narrative many assume about homelessness, but it reveals a truth that many overlook: homelessness can happen to anyone. Originally from Atlanta, Gabby sought a fresh start in Miami after the devastating loss of both her parents. Despite her best efforts to rebuild her life, she found herself homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk in the only place she feels safe – near the Miami Police Department.

Gabby recounts the daily struggles she endures, from avoiding the prevalent drug use around her to the constant threat of violence. As a woman, she faces unique challenges, making her choice of a well-lit and busy area crucial for her safety. Her story is a stark reminder of the vulnerability and danger that homeless individuals face, especially women.

Her journey is not just about survival but also about maintaining dignity and hope. Gabby shares how she lost her job and subsequently her home, which spiraled her into homelessness. She found temporary employment at a fast-food restaurant, where her hard work was recognized, but the pay was not enough to secure stable housing. The difficulty of finding affordable housing in Miami, despite working long hours, highlights the broader issue of the affordable housing crisis.

Gabby’s story is filled with poignant moments, such as the loss of all her belongings, including her work uniform, and the kindness of her HR manager who helped her replace it. She talks about the disappointment and frustration of trying to find shelter in places like Camillus House, only to be turned away due to limited space for women. The shelter’s rules and procedures, while well-intentioned, often made it impossible for her to continue working and maintain her spot.

Throughout the interview, Gabby remains incredibly resilient and hopeful. She speaks about the importance of staying in good spirits and how her faith helps her cope with the daily hardships. Her three wishes reflect her deep desire for systemic change: for shelters to have enough space for everyone, for housing programs to prioritize individuals with clean records and genuine needs, and for people to support each other rather than turn to destructive behaviors.

Gabby’s story is a powerful call to action. It underscores the urgent need for affordable housing and better support systems for those experiencing homelessness. Her experience shows that homelessness can happen to anyone and emphasizes the importance of stopping to ask and listen to the stories of those we pass by every day. By sharing her journey, Gabby hopes to shed light on the struggles faced by many and inspire others to advocate for meaningful change. Watch this interview to gain a deeper understanding of the human side of homelessness and why we must act now to ensure that everyone has a safe and secure place to call home.

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