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As I travel, I run into some very talented street musicians that also just happen to be homeless. The one I will never forget is meeting Zaq and a group of homeless youth one Thanksgiving in Hollywood. I gave them socks and they sang me a song.

Today I was walking around San Diego handing out socks and meeting new homeless friends when I just happened to meet Glen Pops Freeman. Glen was so nice and very talented, and wise.

Glen lived in Seattle for the last 40 years. He originally from San Diego and decided to head south. Glen wanted to see his old home town again and get out of Seattle during the winter.

Glen earns his way as a street musician. He says his music is a combination of reggae, calypso, and Motown. I really am glad Glen decided to sing to us.

“Doing anything is better than nothing” is one of the nuggets of wisdom Glen shared in this interview. It also is not just about homelessness or homeless people. We all need a purpose. We all need a reason to get up in the morning.

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