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Gwendolyn is homeless in Gainesville, Florida. She was homeless in Clearwater but relocated because of her fiance going into the hospital.

GRACE Marketplace is the homeless shelter Gwendolyn references. Like most cities, Gainesville struggles what do to with the growing number of homeless people and the lack of support to help them. I was not able to visit GRACE Marketplace when I was there this year, but I plan on going back early 2019.

From what I was told, GRACE Marketplace used to be a prison. It can possibly sleep 500 people, but they only allow 40 people inside every night and the cherry pick out just the people who have jobs. The rest of the homeless people sleep outside. I am going to assume the reason is lack of funds.

Why I have issues with only allowing people who have jobs to be inside is how do the people sleeping outside apply for employment when they are not rested or have access to bathrooms to get clean.

Gwendolyn wants people to support homeless services in their communities. She wants people to know that homeless people often dress normal, but their appearance doesn’t always tell the full story.


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