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Cathy shares her story of living homeless in Grants Pass, Oregon in this powerful and emotional interview. Having lived in her car for six years, Cathy’s journey highlights the severe lack of affordable housing and support services in the area. Her story is a poignant reminder of the struggles faced by many and the harsh realities of homelessness.

Cathy’s journey into homelessness began when she gave up her home to care for her father, only to lose him a month later. Despite receiving a Section 8 voucher, Cathy was unable to find housing before the voucher expired. “I’ve been homeless ever since. Trying to find a place is just about impossible, to the point where you kind of give up,” Cathy says.

Living in a car at 67, Cathy describes the fear and challenges she faces daily. “It’s kind of scary. I’m almost 67 years old. Almost deaf. I have a dog with me now because I don’t hear to let me know if somebody is approaching the car. Because I’ve had one of my daughters hurt out here already,” she reveals. Cathy’s daughter, also homeless, was attacked while living in a tent, a harrowing experience shared in our previous documentary.

Cathy speaks out against the judgment and misconceptions about homelessness. “It’s really not fair. All of us aren’t like that. Some of us work, some of us have jobs, you know, just trying to stay afloat and to save money to get a place.” She emphasizes the need for empathy and understanding, urging people to stop and listen to the stories of those experiencing homelessness.

Grants Pass has implemented a camping ordinance that criminalizes sleeping outside, further complicating the lives of those without homes. “Now they’ve even taken most of the potties away that people were able to use. So, you know, it really makes it really rough,” Cathy explains. With no available portable housing or homeless services, the situation is dire.

Cathy dreams of a secure home for herself and her daughters. “I’m hoping to be in a home before winter. If I can make it another winter,” she says, recalling a life-threatening blood infection she contracted from living outside. Her resilience and hope for a better future are truly inspiring.

Through this interview, we hope to shed light on the urgent need for affordable housing and compassionate support for the homeless community in Grants Pass. Join us in understanding Kathy’s story and advocating for change.

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