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It was very challenging to pick a photo thumbnail of John for this video. The reason is John made it challenging. He stuck his tongue out or made a funny face for most of the photos.

But that’s the thing about John. He is challenging but in a good and lovable way. And let’s be honest – sleeping rough is horrible. If a person that lives on the streets can find a way to laugh and smile they have found a healthy way to deal with all the madness!

Huge thanks to George Olney for taking this photo of me and John.

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I met John on Twitter over 5 years ago. Online he goes by @BullRingBash. His use of social media is legendary, to say the least. John probably won’t be asked to speak at a social media conference although he would be the highlight of any event. He is not Twitter famous the way most people think of social media influencers, but to chief executives and communication departments in the U.K.’s homeless services sector the Twitter handle @BullRingBash is infamous!

We tried to connect in person my last visit to the U.K., but that never happened. This time I am so glad it did. Getting to know John in person is a moment I will forever cherish!

John shares candidly about sleeping rough in London. He has been on and off the streets for over 30 years!

John talks about his first night homeless and how he walked so much he ended up in the hospital.

At the end, John shares some wisdom all homeless service providers need to hear. People sleeping rough are people. They are not a statistic. They are human beings!

John has serious health issues. The day after this video he went into the hospital. I have another interview with John from his hospital bed that I will post shortly! My hope and prayer is that being in the hospital will be a path for John to get back into housing!

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