Karla is homeless in San Diego, “America’s Finest City.” I really enjoyed talking to Karla. She is full of life and she shared important insights into homelessness. At 11:52 in her interview, Karla walks us through a day in the life of a homeless woman in San Diego.

A Day in the Life

Homeless people do not get a day off.

There are no vacation days. There are no sick days or personal leave. Homeless people in every city have to go through this type of routine just to survive each and every day. If you don’t, something bad will happen.

Someday, Karla would like to walk across the country to bring awareness to the issues of homelessness in America. She says there is a large group of people who believe homeless people are all drug addicts or lazy.

Karla explains homeless people often start using drugs simply to survive. “Many people are drug addicts because they don’t want to sleep. They don’t want to get raped, they don’t want to get mugged, they don’t want their stuff stolen. They are scared to sleep. People don’t choose drugs over jobs and housing.”

She also talks about the insanity of credit score requirements for low-income housing. Karla walks us through how her own credit situation snowballed after her husband had to take a severe pay cut when the company he worked for merged with another company.

She closes with three wishes: her children to have what they need; a roof over her and her husband’s head; and the ability to get others to understand what’s going on in the world – compassion is more important than status.

Invisible People


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