When I walked up on Larry he had all his clothes out drying in the sun. He was extremely nice and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. He rearranged a few items on the grass so I could sit. When everything you own can fit into a medium sized suitcase that bag becomes your life. Looking at life though the eyes of a homeless person everything changes. In Larry’s mind he eats like a millionaire although he is surviving of off food that has been thrown away. Larry has kind of a neat idea. He suggests that the city put little racks next to the trash cans where food, beverages, clothes, or anything valuable could be left for the homeless. A few times Larry talked about his drug use. Living on the streets is horrible and anyone would want to escape reality. I found it interesting that Larry was the second homeless accountant I spoke to that day. Larry speaks a few times about the homeless supporting each other, yet when I lived on the streets I found it to be the exact opposite.

Invisible People


We imagine a world where everyone has a place to call home. Until then, we strive to be the most trusted source for homelessness.

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