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While walking around handing out socks to new homeless friends, I started to talk to a woman who was sitting on the sidewalk. Her name is Lisa, and she is homeless in Venice Beach, California. I don’t exactly remember the conversation, but at one point Lisa says to me all excited “we were on Dateline together.” HOLY WOW she was right!

A few months prior, Dateline NBC produced a show about homelessness in Los Angeles. I may be a little biased because Dateline featured Invisible People, but I think Dateline produced one of the best shows on the topic I have ever seen. You can watch the full City of Angeles episode here.

I think the world of Lisa. After we first met, we connected a little bit before this interview. While walking down Venice Beach Boardwalk, almost every vendor and homeless person said hello to her. She is a kind and loving person. Liked by many. Lisa is also the type of individual I envision when I think of Venice Beach culture.

Venice Beach is one of the most wonderful and unique places I have ever visited. Being an old hippie myself, I find the bohemian lifestyle romantic. People are drawn to Venice for many different reasons these days but many are drawn by the lure of a carefree life and freedoms to express themselves as individuals. Venice Beach is known for healers, mystics, psychics, artists, and musicians.

Lisa is a gifted natural health professional, a healer! She has a master’s degree in Acupuncture/Ancient Asian Medicine and is a Certified Bach Flower Therapist. You can find her blog here:

Lisa also doesn’t want to be homeless. The good news is Lisa is connected to support services that are helping her get off the streets. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering Lisa has experienced living on the streets of Los Angeles. In the middle of this interview, if you watch close enough, you’ll see rats running in and out of the bushes. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO SLEEP ON A SIDEWALK NEXT TO RATS

If you’d like to help support Lisa, here is a link to the GoFundMe she set up.

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