Lori and Savanna

I met Lori and her daughter Savanna while visiting a rotating shelter in Detroit, Michigan.

I cannot imagine the challenges of raising a child without permanent housing. Yet children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population.

According to data collected one night in January 2007 – 50% of homeless populations are families and children in a given year. 13% of families are homeless due to domestic violence. 39% of the homeless people are children under 18 (5% are unaccompanied youth)

Researchers estimate that between 4-7% of youth will experience homelessness before their 18th birthday. Homelessness takes a toll on young children. For example, a child who has experienced homelessness experiences post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at twice the rate of returning war veterans. ~taken from EndHomelessness.Change.org

Lori hopes for a better future. One where she can provide for Savanna – she says, “live a good life like everybody else”.

Special thanks to Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter

ABC News Detroit story of my visit

Invisible People


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