Marco and Cherese

When most folks think of a homeless person, they picture a man with a sign panhandling off an exit ramp. I’ve often heard people who were never homeless themselves talk about what a lucrative job that must be. (Please note: panhandling is not a good career move). Besides the humiliation, it’s very dangerous, and the perks are not all that great. People call you names, spit on you, and throw stuff.

Meet Marco & Cherese. They are living in a small RV and their primary income is panhandling. Cherese was the victim of a hit-and-run on an exit ramp, suffering a broken collar bone and a broken arm. Since she doesn’t have health insurance, the hospital just let her go, assuring her that the breaks will heal on their own.

Marco & Cherese are just like you and me. They’ve made a few mistakes in life (who hasn’t?), they’re extremely faithful, and they are good people just trying to survive the nightmare of homelessness.

Invisible People


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