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Aleksey, who has a degree in electrical engineering, shares his heart-wrenching journey from stability to homelessness. For over ten months, Aleksey has battled the harsh realities of life on the streets of Miami after losing his job and home. Despite his relentless efforts to find work and rebuild his life, the challenges of homelessness have only multiplied.

Aleksey’s story highlights the systemic issues that make escaping homelessness nearly impossible. He recounts the closure of the business he worked for, the tragic loss of his roommate, and the subsequent loss of his home. With nowhere to turn, he reached out for help but found only minimal support. Despite having a degree and a diverse skill set, finding employment has been a daily struggle.

The interview delves into the brutal impact of criminalizing homelessness. Aleksey was arrested simply for being homeless, resulting in the loss of his belongings and job. His story illustrates how such policies exacerbate the cycle of poverty and despair, making it even harder for people to get back on their feet.

Aleksey’s resilience shines through as he talks about his efforts to survive each day, from trying to find work to dealing with the extreme heat and lack of basic necessities. He shares the misconceptions people have about the homeless and the reality that many, like him, are skilled and willing to work but are denied opportunities.

This interview is a powerful reminder of the humanity of those experiencing homelessness. Aleksey’s hope for a better future, his wish for a decent job, and his plea for kindness and understanding are calls to action for us all. Watch and share this video to help spread awareness and change the narrative around homelessness.

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