What you don’t see in this interview is Mohammed is disabled. He is missing his left hand and most of his left arm. When I saw him panhandling on a cold, wet Chicago night my heart broke.

Mohammed has lived on the streets for seven years. He has been to prison twice, his parents are dead, and he says he has no place to go. With a severe disability and a prison record it would be nearly impossible for him to find work.

Christians (and I am one) please notice Mohammed already knows Jesus. Most homeless people have to sit through preaching just to eat, and after hearing two or more sermons every day, homeless people know more Bible than most senior pastors. Instead of evangelizing homeless people, we need to start evangelizing the church to be an answer to people’s prayers.

Mohammed asked me to pray for him. I am honored and humbled any time a homeless person asks for prayer. After I prayed with him I helped him get a motel room for the night. He called me an angel, but I am not. I am just one guy who happened to have enough cash on me to help a hurting man get out of the cold Chicago rain.

*** I met Mohammed a year after this. Updated video here.

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