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While I was interviewing Jossalyn, I looked over and saw a homeless man on a bicycle in the alley patiently waiting for me to finish. Morris just happened to be riding by and stopped because he wanted to share his story of homelessness in Los Angeles!

Morris has been on the streets for over 17 years. He says it’s a dangerous place. Sometimes people experiencing homelessness have to eat things they don’t want to eat. Sometimes people experiencing homelessness have to do things they don’t want to do just to survive. Morris goes on to say that after all the hard living, a person starts to think “that’s life” and begins getting used to homelessness!

Morris shares a very real story of homelessness, but when I ask him about his future, he starts to smile and tells me that he’d like to be a mechanic. Even after all that time on the streets, there is still hope in people’s hearts! Now it’s up to use to give them a helping hand to get off the streets and better their lives! We can end homelessness!

*Watch Jossalyn’s video here.


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