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Tanya is homeless in Oakland, California. She is two months pregnant. Tanya shares the reality of life on the streets. Sometimes she goes without food and water. The city has taken the tent away she sleeps in and all of her stuff.

Tanya says she ended up homeless because of bad decisions. If homelessness was a punishment for bad decisions, we would all be homeless because each and every one of us has made bad decisions. The difference is, we all had a social safety net of people to help us. No one should be homeless. We must advocate for Tanya and the tens of thousands of other homeless people sleeping outside tonight.

Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

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We imagine a world where everyone has a place to call home. Until then, we strive to be the most trusted source for homelessness news, education and advocacy.

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