On the streets, he goes by the name of Grim. It’s what people call him. Grim has grown to like the name since the streets are all he has ever known.

When I asked Grim how long has he lived homeless in San Jose, he responded: “20 years, I am 29.” Grim went on to explain that at the age of 9 he was removed from his family by child protective services. Grim was placed into foster care but he didn’t like it and ran away. The streets have been Grim’s family since. Can you imagine growing up homeless from such a young age!

Grim’s story is important because the public needs to see the story behind addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. Grim is a byproduct of a broken social services and foster care system. Some may see a drug addict but I hope you see the young child that never had a chance to grow up.

Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

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