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Trouble never planned on ending up homeless. She says no one ever plans on being homeless.

Trouble has been traveling and hopping trains for 5 years. Both Trouble and her boyfriend, now her husband, started traveling to political protests around the country. Trouble says that the two of them kicked drugs while protesting police violence in different cities. “Fighting cops” as she calls it, gave them purpose and motivate to “kick dope.”

They took a break from traveling and to get married in New Orleans. They got involved with an art and political advocacy organization, but when the drama started they both starting drinking again and it all fell apart!

Trouble says they became functioning addicts. They had their own apartment and held down jobs, but the drinking and drugs continued. They decided to leave their apartment and go back to squatting, which is basically sleeping in any space they can find. It all went downhill from there!

Trouble says the world of partying homeless youth travelers was like a magnet keeping them in New Orleans. She says the NOLA street kid scene is like a theme park ride on steroids.

Trouble goes on rambling about their journeys and then around 7 minutes into this video she admits that it’s no way to live.

Not all, but most travelers are homeless youth that finds security, community, and purpose with other travelers. Many come from abusive families! A large percentage of traveling homeless young people are throwaways and never reported missing by their parents.

Helping traveling homeless youth is a unique challenge for homeless youth service providers. Just by the nature of always being transient makes it hard to provide case management and other support services. I knew a few homeless youth organizations that are set up to allow young travelers just to show up to grab a shower and a meal. The theory is just to love on them while they are there with the hope that compassion has a lasting affect.

The general public views traveling youth as lawbreakers, drug addicts and rebels going around causing mayhem. If people would just stop for a moment to hear some of the stories. The trauma most of this kids have gone through is heartbreaking! Many have been raised by other traveling youth and are simply trying to survive the best they can.

I am not sure what you see, but when I look at Trouble and hear her talk, I see an intelligent young woman that has had a very hard life growing up. I can literally feel the pain she is holding back!

I also see an intelligent young woman just needs someone to believe in her and give her a chance.

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