William and Senina

Imagine you need to clean up but the only privacy you can find is between the wall on a freeway overpass and a cement barricade. That’s how I met William and Senina while walking in Atlanta. No one in America should have to live like that!

“People are going to judge you by what they think and not how it is”! William is spot on with that statement. The reality of life on the streets is people have to survive and will do what is needed to make it through the day. Society looks on as though homeless people are criminals when they are often just doing what is necessary for food, water and shelter.

This is a very honest story about life on the streets. I hope you take the time to watch it to the end and forward it to someone.

Invisible People


We imagine a world where everyone has a place to call home. Until then, we strive to be the most trusted source for homelessness.

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