Los Angeles

Deaths in Los Angeles increasing among unsheltered homeless people

Deaths Among Unhoused Los Angelenos Reaches Record High

Saving Lives of Sex Workers and Addicts on Skid Row Sidewalk Project

Saving Lives of Sex Workers and Addicts on Skid Row: Sidewalk Project

Culver City Ban on Sidewalk Camping

Culver City Bans Sidewalk Camping, But Delays Enforcement

homeless tent in LA

LA Offers Motel Rooms – If You Give Up Your Tent

Homeless Encampment in LA

LA Study Finds Most Homeless People Want Housing but Are Never Contacted

california storms

How Powerful California Storms Impact Homeless People

homeless veterans in Los Angeles

Veterans Sue VA, City of LA for Failure to Provide Adequate Housing

homeless youths

Homeless Youth Death Toll Doubles in LA

Homelessness and Sanitation Sweeps in LA

Criminalizing Homelessness Continues Despite Expert Demands for New Solutions

safe consumption and injection sites to prevent overdoses

Facts Show Safe Injection Sites Save Lives, Gov. Newsom, Pass SB 57

the Horrible Reality of Los Angeles's Homeless Sweeps

WATCH the Horrible Reality of Los Angeles’s Homeless Sweeps

Homeless Woman Sleeps next to the Street to Avoid Arrest


Los Angeles Homeless Woman Lost Her Legs to Frostbite


Echo Park Lake Homeless Encampment cleanup

Advocates Say LA’s Response to Homelessness is Furthering Widespread Displacement

Disabled Homeless Mom

Cori and her daughter

Fentanyl Addict Homeless in Los Angeles


Super Bowl Homeless Sweeps Displace Homeless Woman in Los Angeles


unsheltered homelessness in LA

Why Don’t Homeless People in LA Stay in Shelters?