Lived Experience

homeless shelter

Former Homeless Woman Remembers Those She Met While in a Shelter

sitting, waiting to die

Homeless, Disabled, Elderly, and Waiting for Death

homeless in Ontario

Homeless in An Ontario Heatwave: Meet Elizabeth

disabled no where to sit

Despicable: Store Removes Benches to Prevent Homeless People from Sitting

Disabled and homeless

Landlords Don’t Want to Rent to Disabled Homeless People

Helping homeless people

Homeless Woman Shares Ways to Help People Experiencing Homelessness

youth homelessness in Canada

Solitude And Sadness: Two Years on the Front Line of Homelessness

homelessness in Venice Beach

Homelessness in Venice Beach: Meet David

Venice Beach and Homelessness

Homelessness in Venice Beach: Meet Matthew

homelessness in Venice Beach

Homelessness in Venice Beach: Meet Aaron

Stop Portraying Homeless People as Less Than Human

Abortion Access

Roe Will Hurt Those Who Already Face the Most Systematic Discrimination

Compassion Found on the Road of Mobile Homelessness

Remembering Shay

Remembering Shay, My Homeless Friend

homeless van life

Van Life Is Not an Adventure When You’re Homeless


Homelessness Documentary Mislabels Substance Abuse as Number One Cause, Condemns Housing First

abused woman, abuse

Lifetime of Abuse Leads to Homelessness

Mental Illness

Improving Mental Health Systems Could Help Curb Homelessness