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Poverty isnt a choice

Poverty Isn’t a Choice

Housing a right for all

Housing Should Be a Right for All

Anxious about homelessness

My Life After Homelessness: 5 Years Housed

Homeless in New York City

New York City Nonprofit Homeless Service Providers to Receive $15 Million

Disabled and experiencing housing insecurity

Housing Insecurity Continues to Rise as Social Safety Nets Decline

homeless youth

Homeless Youth Need More Resources, Not Less, as Homelessness Continues to Rise

Electric Vehicles

Living in an Electric Vehicle Would be Better for Homeless People and the Environment

Sydney, a formerly Homeless youth and Musician

Ottawa Songwriter Reflects on Homelessness Caused by Domestic Abuse 

snow falling on silent night perfection for homeless woman

Disabled, Homeless Woman Finds Perfection in Silent, Snowing Night

Words to describe an elderly homeless Woman

Beware of the Power Words Like ‘Homeless’ and ‘Bum’ Carry

no compassion for homeless disabled woman

Does a Disabled Homeless Woman Deserve Compassion? The World Doesn’t Think So.

Homelessness in LA

Unseen Struggles: Portraits of Three Westside Los Angeles Residents Over 50 Living Without Permanent Shelter

giving money to homeless people without thinking about stereotypes

Forget the Stereotypes and Have Sympathy for Homeless People

Poverty and homelessness in Hawaii

A Look at Poverty and Homelessness in Native and Indigenous Communities

Greed and housing

Greed Means No Housing for Elderly, Disabled and Poverty-Stricken People

earn a living crafting and knitting

I Want to Earn a Living, Not Beg for One


Regret Is a Horrible Burden to Bear, Especially When You Are Homeless


Christmas Is Out of Reach for Too Many People This Year