Tent Cities

homelessness in Denver

Denver’s New Mayor Offers Trash Services to Some Encampments but Continues Sweeps

homeless encampments vs concentration camps

Government-Sanctioned Homeless Encampments Are an Ominous Solution


For NIMBYs, All That Matters Is Keeping Homelessness Out of Sight

Right to Rest Bill fails for homeless camps in Oregon

Oregon’s ‘Right to Rest Bill’ Dies After Significant Pushback

homeless tent in LA

LA Offers Motel Rooms – If You Give Up Your Tent

Unsheltered Homeless Encampments in Canada

Canadian Courts Say Homeless Encampments Can’t Be Moved Without Adequate Indoor Shelter Options in Place

homeless in Phoenix

City of Phoenix Sued to Stop Encampment Sweeps

homeless encampment sweeps

Study Reveals Encampment Sweeps Are Harmful to Homeless People’s Health

Brockville Encampment

Brockville Streetfriends Offers Insight on Removal of Tent Encampments

why aren't there camping bans on black friday

Tis’ the Season to Selectively Enforce Camping Bans

Missoula, Montana

Armed Men Patrol Authorized Homeless Encampment in Montana

Portland Camping Ban

Portland Votes to Criminalize Camping in Public Spaces

homeless people in Canada

The Humble Outlook of Canada’s Homeless Encampment Residents is Inspiring

Do homeless encampments lead to more crime

Groundbreaking New Study Finds No Correlation between Growth of Homeless Encampments and Increase of Crime

polluting streets

Are Homeless Encampments Polluting Your City?

No Sweeps

How Sweeps Endanger Homeless People’s Health

homeless encampments under freeways

Why Do Homeless People Live Near Freeways?

Young Homeless Woman Living on the Side of Los Angeles's 101 Freeway