Tent Cities

why aren't there camping bans on black friday

Tis’ the Season to Selectively Enforce Camping Bans

Missoula, Montana

Armed Men Patrol Authorized Homeless Encampment in Montana

Portland Camping Ban

Portland Votes to Criminalize Camping in Public Spaces

homeless people in Canada

The Humble Outlook of Canada’s Homeless Encampment Residents is Inspiring

Do homeless encampments lead to more crime

Groundbreaking New Study Finds No Correlation between Growth of Homeless Encampments and Increase of Crime

polluting streets

Are Homeless Encampments Polluting Your City?

No Sweeps

How Sweeps Endanger Homeless People’s Health

homeless encampments under freeways

Why Do Homeless People Live Near Freeways?

Young Homeless Woman Living on the Side of Los Angeles's 101 Freeway


Homeless Encampment in Austin

Austin’s Homeless Residents Left with Nowhere to Go Amid Camping Crackdown

ban on homeless tents

Boulder, Colorado Bans Tents on City Property

Homeless Encampment Ban

Statewide Ban on Homeless Encampments Approved by Texas Senate

Texas camping ban

As Austin Voters Weigh Camping Ban Proposition, Texas Lawmakers Consider Bills to Prohibit Homeless Encampments Statewide

cleaning up homeless encampments

LA Homeless Advocates Launch Community Cleanups As Humane Alternative To City Sweeps

government sanctioned encampment

Homeless Encampments Are Not a Solution to Ending Homelessness 

temporary shelter in Denver

Homeless Residents Say Temporary Denver Camp Allows Chance to Heal

Illegal sweeps

Bellingham Police Conduct Illegal Sweeps of Homeless Encampment

homeless encampment

LA City Councilmembers Aim to Replace Homeless Sweeps with Services