San Francisco

San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood

NIMBYs and Politicians Choose Blight over Housing in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood

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San Francisco Chooses Handcuffs over Housing Homeless People

USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

We Can’t Let Homeless People Die: USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

Moscone Center

Exit Strategy for Moscone Residents: Housing or Back to Shelter?

homelessness in california

Gov. Newsom’s Homeless Initiatives Place Shelter over Solutions

San Francisco Homelessness

Are Mandatory Shelter Proposals Really For Homeless People?

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How Big Tech Has Contributed to Homelessness

Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia

How a Revolutionary Poet Helped the POOR Community Find Its Voice


Open Letter to California: Please Vote Yes on 21

San Francisco: Proposition C Carries the Day in Court

Homeless Female Vietnam-era Veteran Was an Aircraft Mechanic


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Are Open Streets Really Open to Everyone, Including Homeless People?

Young Homeless Girl on the Streets of San Francisco


Nurse holding test tube and COVID-19 Nasal swab lab test

Why Haven’t More Homeless People Received COVID-19 Testing?

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Homeless Deaths Have Tripled in San Francisco Amid Pandemic

Safe Sleeping Village

San Francisco ‘Safe Sleeping Villages’: Socially Distanced Tents for Homeless People

Freeway encampment for homeless people

CDC Updates Guidelines to Reduce Coronavirus Spread in Homeless Encampments

Housing Homeless People in Hotel Rooms During COVID-19 Pandemic

Efforts to Get Homeless People into Hotel Rooms Amid COVID-19 Outbreak Are Slow Going