Health care

the link between homelessness and healthcare costs

When Homelessness Overburdens Hospitals, Taxpayers End Up with the Bill

breast cancer screening poverty

Housing is Healthcare: The Critical Link Between Housing and Breast Cancer Survival

Breast Cancer Screening

Homeless People Lack Access to Breast Cancer Screening, ASCO Study Finds

housing as health care

Health Care Plan Prescribes Housing as a ‘Cure for Homelessness’

prematurely aging

Homelessness is Prematurely Aging People

healthcare and housing

How Much is a Lack of Affordable Housing Costing Us in Healthcare?

Abortion Access

Roe Will Hurt Those Who Already Face the Most Systematic Discrimination

housing is healthcare

Housing Is Healthcare

Supreme Court Overturns Roe, impact on homeless people

End of Roe Could Further Endanger Pregnant Women Experiencing Homelessness

hearing loss and hearing aids

Listen Up: Homelessness and Hearing Impairment

diseases plaguing homeless people

Ancient Diseases Plague Canada’s Homeless Communities

Street Medicine Bill

Awaiting Final Decision on California’s Groundbreaking Street Medicine Bill

Practicing Street Medicine

Street Medicine: Bringing Healthcare to the Homeless Community

USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

We Can’t Let Homeless People Die: USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

Los Angeles Homeless Man Dying of Cancer Needs Permanent Supportive Housing


cancer patient

Homeless People Are at Statistically Higher Risk for Cancer

aged homelessness

Increased Long-Term Care Costs Could Accelerate Aged Homelessness

End homelessness

Locals, Feds Stepping Up to Confront Homelessness Emergency