Natural disasters

california wildfires

Raging Facts about California Wildfires and Their link to Homelessness

climate change threatens affordable housing

Report Warns Climate Change Threatens Affordable Housing

Natural Disasters will cause more homelessness

Climate Change Is Increasing Homelessness

wildfires in 2020

Homelessness Spreading Like Wildfire: Will the West Coast Ever Be the Same?

houston skyline

Houston Struggles with High Rates of Housing Insecurity

natural disasters

Hurricane Season Plus Coronavirus Plus Homelessness Equals Unforeseen Disaster

People search through ruins in aftermath of Nashville Tornado

After Tornado, Nashville Homeless People Now Live Through COVID Threat

Salt Lake City Rescue Mission after Earthquake hit

Salt Lake City’s Homeless Population Faces Another Setback as Shelter Succumbs to Earthquake

Hurricane Dorian

Displacement in the Wake of Hurricane Dorian

homelessness and hurricanes

Homelessness and Hurricanes: The Aftereffect of Storms on Poor Populations

climate change and housing

Is Climate Change Contributing to Canadian Homelessness?

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