Single Parent

Single Dad with Four Kids Homeless in a Hotel Room

Kevin and his four children

Disabled Homeless Mom

Cori and her daughter

Father and Son Homeless in Los Angeles

Adrien and Rodger

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Keeping Families Together Is Delaware Shelter’s Mission

homeless single fathers

Where Do Homeless Single Fathers Go?

raising children

Raising Children in Shelters Is a Painful Reality for Many

Venice Beach Homeless Man Lives in an RV with His Daughter. Both Have Jobs but Cant Afford Rent


Homeless Mom Works Three Part time Jobs While Living in a Skid Row Homeless Shelter

Marrisa and her four children

homeless family in hotel

Olivia and her son Alex

Mary YT 1


Katina lives in a St Louis homeless shelter with her children


Homeless family without a home in Los Angeles for the last three years

Tera and her son Ramin

Shanni and her children live in a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City Utah

Shanni and her children

Shannon and her father Bob have been homeless since 1994

Shannon and Her Father.

Homeless shelter kicks Denise and her kids out everyday so they spend their days in a park. d


Lisa and her daughter Lexus are the face of homelessness you dont normally see

Lisa and Lexus

At 14 Elaina made the decision to leave home rather than live with her mothers drug abuse


This homeless family is new to homelessness and sleeping in a vehicle

Sheryl, James and Kalynn