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NY Tenants Take a Brave, Unified Stance Against Eviction

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Why Did it Take COVID-19 to Make Us Have Compassion for Homeless People?

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UK Black People Three Times as Likely To Experience Homelessness

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The Role that Interest Plays in Oppression, Homelessness and Racism

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Homeless Families ‘Reclaiming Our Homes’ Shine Light on US Housing Crisis

Kansas City

KC Tenants Organize to Fight Self-Help Evictions in Kansas City, Missouri

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Homelessness Threatens 34 Million People Facing Eviction in 2021

Homeless camp San Pablo W Grant Oakland California

Oakland’s New Encampment Management Policy Creates Lose-Lose Situation for Homeless Residents


Open Letter to California: Please Vote Yes on 21

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COVID-19 May Have Been Different if Homeless People had Access to Smartphones

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Research Project Shows Homeless People Resourcefully Use $7,500 to Become Housed Faster

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Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis


Direct Action Can Inspire Hope and Help Those in Need

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The Link Between Homelessness and Transgender People

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Here’s What Happens When Social Media Meets Social Services

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What’s it Like to be Undocumented and Homeless?

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The World Just Became a Lot Less Accessible for our Homeless Neighbors

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How the Healthcare Industry, the Nonprofit Sector, and Even You Can End Homelessness Using Smartphones