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homelessness in Scotland

Scotland’s Homelessness Explodes, Surpassing Pre-Pandemic Levels

UK Rising Rents Housing affordability driving homelessness

UK’s Housing Affordability Crisis Drives Surge in Homelessness

homeless women in UK

Homeless Women in the UK Are Likely to Die Before Their 43rd Birthday

UK Refugees

The Plight of Refugees Facing Homelessness in the UK Reaches Crisis Levels

homelessness UK

Research Suggests One in Three Homeless People in the UK Die from Treatable Ailments

homeless deaths in UK

Homeless Deaths in UK Skyrockets 85% in Just Four Years

England homelessness

England’s Homelessness Hits Record High for Households Residing in Temporary Accommodations

Paul Is Homeless Sleeping Rough in London


homeless man in London

UK Study Gives Voice to Homeless People with Goal to Improve Services

UK Evictions and homelessness

1.9 Million UK Renters Face Eviction as Protections Come to a Close

Rough Sleeper on the Dangerous Streets of Manchester



UK Organization Counts Homeless Deaths While Remembering Lives

people getting the covid vaccine

UK Charities Urge Welsh Government to Allow Them to Vaccinate Homeless People


Turn The Tables Aims to Empower Homeless People Through Music in UK

homeless in UK

United Kingdom: 70,000 Households Made Homeless During Pandemic

rough sleeper using smartphone

Rough Sleepers Need Access to Smartphone Technology


Homeless Pods Offer Rough Sleepers Temporary Accommodation

Homeless Woman in UK

Will the Pandemic Change How England Addresses Homelessness?