young veterans more likely to experience homelessness

Why Young Veterans Face a Mounting Risk of Homelessness

veteran homelessness

Veteran Homelessness Ticks Back Up After Years of Progress

African American Veterans

African American Veterans Are Subject to Chronic Homelessness and Chronic Illness at Disproportionate Rates 

homelessness and veterans

Home Ownership Soars Amongst US Veterans, But So Does Homelessness

unsheltered veterans housing at Veterans Village

Philadelphia Opens New Veterans Village: Modular Homes for Unsheltered Veterans

climate change and the impact on unsheltered homeless veterans

Unsheltered Homeless Veterans in California Exposed to Deadly Floods and More

veteran homelessness

Veteran Homelessness Funding and Built for Zero Initiative

Homeless Veteran's ID Taken by Police Stripped of Access to Shelter


veteran homelessness

$30 Million Allocated Toward Ending Veteran Homelessness

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans Are Disproportionately Exposed to Inclement Weather

Ride with Valor does renovations for Veterans

Ride with Valor: The Next Step in Solving Veteran Homelessness

Homeless Veterans Unsheltered

Why Homeless Veterans are More Likely to be Unsheltered

homeless veterans

Homeless Veterans Killed on the Streets they Once Protected

homeless veteran

Survey Shows Need for Better Data Gathering Methods for Homeless Veterans

homeless Veteran

San Diego Decides to End Veteran Homelessness

Freddie Tucker is one of 60 homeless veterans who have a new home at 211 Glendale. 

Detroit Converted 60 Temporary Units into Permanent Homes for Homeless Veterans

Veteran in Housing

40,401 Homeless Veterans Secure Permanent Housing Through Housing First Approach

homeless veteran suicide rate

How Experiencing Homelessness Raises Suicide Rates for Veterans