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Should We Reexamine the Classification of Rent Burden?

Stop wage theft

Wage Theft Surges in Our Rent-Burdened Economy  

American Dream poverty and homelessness

Those Seeking the American Dream Find Poverty and Homelessness

Gap Report shows a shortage of affordable housing for extremely low-income earners

Report: Three-Quarters of Extremely Low-Income Earners Severely Cost-Burdened by Rent

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The Alarming Rise in Cost-Burdened Renter Households

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What Is a Housing Wage and How Does Your Income Stack Up To It?

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Pathways Into Homelessness: Source-of-Income Discrimination

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Proposed NYC Transportation Fee Could Drive More People into Homelessness

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Housing is Healthcare: The Critical Link Between Housing and Breast Cancer Survival

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Cities Invest in Universal Basic Income as Homelessness Grows

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Food Insecurity Growing Across the U.S., USDA Finds

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Is It Time to Consider Enacting a Transportation Safety Net?

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Poverty: A Tragic Suburban Story

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Homeless at Birth: A Look at the Healthy Parents Healthy Babies Report

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Child Poverty Is a Policy Choice

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Homelessness is a Symptom of a Sick Society

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Almost Half of America’s Hourly Workers Cannot Afford a One-Bedroom Apartment, Report Reveals

Private corporations promote poverty and homelessness

Large Corporations Promise Social Mobility but Deliver Poverty and Homelessness