Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes under construction for homeless people

Homeless Housing Projects Face Delays as Need Grows

Tiny Home Shelters

Cities Invest in Tiny Home Shelters Despite Opposition from Advocates

tiny home village for homeless people

Despite Mixed Reviews, Tiny Home Villages for Homeless People Are Growing

tiny home fire

Tiny Home Fire Ravages Village Designed to Shelter Homeless Veterans

temporary shelters for homeless people

Pallet Shelters Offer Temporary Solutions to Homelessness with Permanent Environmental Implications

Tiny Homes for Veterans

Tiny House Village Underway for Homeless Veterans in Sioux Falls

Pallet shelter

Pallet’s Profits Soar Alongside Demand for Temporary Tiny ‘Homes’

tiny homes fire

Tiny Houses, Big Dangers for Homeless People

Tiny homes

Are Tiny Homes a Solution to Unsheltered Homelessness? It Depends.

pallet shelter homes being constructed

Are Pallet Shelters for Homeless People Safe?

Pallet Home

Does a Pallet Shelter Qualify as Housing?

Santa Barbara Tiny Homes

‘Tiny Homes’ Cause Controversy in Santa Barbara

philadelphia encampment

Philly Government Promises to Replace Tents with Homes for Homeless People

Khaleel Seivwright builds a tiny shelter

Toronto Carpenter Builds Tiny Shelters to Protect Homeless People

Tiny homes

Are Tiny Homes a Solution for Homeless People?

Frank Ossm to create 3D printed tiny homes

Making Affordable Housing a Reality in Canada with 3D Print Tiny Homes

tiny home community

Canada Builds Tiny Home Community for Homeless Vets

Tent City Urbanism

Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages