born into homelessness

How Can Homelessness Be a ‘Choice’ if People Are Born Into It?

Homeless Family Displaced from Echo Park Lake

Homeless Family Displaced from Echo Park Lake

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Adrien and Rodger

Homeless families reclaim homes in El Sereno

Homeless Families ‘Reclaiming Our Homes’ Shine Light on US Housing Crisis

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Homeless Student Figures Exceed 269,000 in California

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Homeschooling and Homelessness: Education isn’t as Black and White as the Classroom Chalkboard

Los Angeles Grab & Go program

L.A. Area Schools, Service Providers Try to Help Students During Coronavirus Shutdowns

Congressional building

CARES Act Allocates $12 Billion for Homelessness and Housing Relief

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Ending Youth Homelessness: We Must Do Better for Our Future

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Military Force Used to Evict Moms 4 Housing from Vacant Oakland Home


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Raising Children in Shelters Is a Painful Reality for Many

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Success Story: Formerly Homeless Teen Josh Jacobs Becomes First Round Pick in the NFL

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System Separates Homeless Children from Their Parents