Man evicted from his home during moratorium

Extend the Eviction Moratorium to Prevent Millions from Becoming Homeless

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Appeals Court Leaves Eviction Moratorium in Place amid Legal Storm


Did Your Landlord Violate the Eviction Moratorium?

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Vacated Eviction Moratorium Puts Millions of Renters At Risk of Homelessness

Cancel Evictions

Study Shows the Eviction Moratorium Saved Lives

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Study Finds Eviction Moratorium Provides Broad Benefits to Low-Income Households

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The Eviction Moratorium Must Be Strengthened, Extended, Strictly Enforced and Paired with Rent Relief

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Renters Inability to Save Money Could Lead to More Homelessness


Here’s Everything That Was Illegal About the Eviction Letter I Received

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Congress Passes American Rescue Plan. Here’s How it Prevents Homelessness

Eviction Notice

10,700 COVID-Related Deaths Are the Direct Result of Illegal Evictions

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Emergency Rental Relief Is on the Way. Here’s What it Means.

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No Bailouts for Big Real Estate: Trickle-Down Theories Exacerbate Homelessness

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245,999 Evictions Have Been Filed During the Pandemic, Despite the Moratorium

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I Was Almost Evicted in the Middle of the Pandemic

Eviction Notice

The Largest Real Estate Company in the US Illegally Attempts to Evict a Cancer Patient and an Infant Despite Moratorium

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Biden Relief Package Could Lift Millions of Americans out of Poverty