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Is Nationwide Rent Control the Solution to Rent-Gouging?

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Emergency Rental Assistance funding expansion

U.S. Treasury Announces Expansion of Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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Rent Burden and the Risk of Homelessness

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Greedy Landlord Caught Setting Properties on Fire with Residents Inside

Urge Congress to Prevent Evictions By Creating a Permanent Emergency Rental Assistance Fund

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Acclaimed Eviction Diversion Program Extended Through 2024

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Here’s What to Do If You’re Facing Eviction

Eviction Notice

Study Shows Informed Tenants Are More Successful When Fighting Eviction

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Eviction Is Nearly Twice as Likely for Black and Indigenous Canadians

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Resources for Veterans Facing Eviction

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Corporate Landlords Used ‘Deceptive’ Tactics to Evict Tenants During the Pandemic Despite Moratoriums


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Eviction Cases on the Rise as Local Moratoriums End

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As Rents Skyrocket for Manufactured Homes, So Does Risk of Homelessness

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Harlem Apartment Residents on Rent Strike Over Building Conditions