Republicans propose cuts to HUD and housing programs

Republicans Float Proposal to Cut Federal Housing Programs

Proposed HUD law change will make accessing housing easier for former convicts and homeless people

HUD’s Win for Unhoused People and People with Arrest Records

HUD aims to keep families together with new program

From Punishment to Prevention: HUD’s Bold Move Against Family Separation

Biden Harris Award Funding for Housing Support and Grants to address homelessness

Biden-Harris Administration Allocates $3.16 Billion to Tackle Homelessness

homelessness at an all time high in US

American Homelessness Just Hit a Historic High

Homelessness is increasing according to latest point-in-time count

Point-In-Time Count Shows Homelessness Increased 12% in 2023

Millions Endure Homelessness every year

Millions of People Endure Homelessness Every Year

Homelessness caused by Hawaii Wildfires

HUD Sends $1.3 Million to Support Homeless People After Hawaii Wildfires

house republicans

Republicans Propose Deep Cuts to HUD Programs But Spare Rental Assistance

Junk fees for rental applications

White House Tackles Junk Fees for Renters 

Increasing homelessness and homeless people

Advocates Worry Debt Ceiling Deal Could Harm Homeless People

homelessness in oregon

Oregon Governor Says Plans to Address Homelessness Lack Clarity

Homeless Youth

HUD Looks to Homeless Youths for Input on Providing Homeless Services

housing apartments

While the Rest of California Struggles, San Diego Excels with Housing Program

unsheltered homelessness

HUD Reports More Americans Are Experiencing Unsheltered and Chronic Homelessness

landlords abusing poverty-stricken people

Investigative Reporters Expose Abhorrent ‘Sex for Rent’ Leases 

Marcia Fudge HUD

HUD Releases First-of-Its-Kind Funding Program to Address Unsheltered and Rural Homelessness

New Quality Hill Mixed Income Housing Complex

Integrating Neighborhoods on the Basis of Wealth: Section 8 Housing