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New Jersey Tackles Evictions

New Jersey Tackles Eviction, Its Top Driver of Homelessness

Office of Eviction Protection Offers Urgent Aid to Vulnerable People Immediately following the end of eviction moratoriums, families and individuals in states across the country were suddenly made markedly more vulnerable to homelessness overnight. In New Jersey, officials forecasted this … Continue reading

source of income discrimination leads to homelessness

Pathways Into Homelessness: Source-of-Income Discrimination

Homelessness in Austin Texas Criminalization and Homeless Court

How a Mobile Court in Austin Is Keeping Homeless People Out of Jail

African American Veterans

African American Veterans Are Subject to Chronic Homelessness and Chronic Illness at Disproportionate Rates 

Dread And Reflection - a New Year of Homelessness

Dread and Reflection: Homelessness in the Face of a New Year

price of homelessness is prison

The Price of Homelessness Is Prison

State of Homelessness in America

Homelessness by the Numbers