News About Homelessness

Poverty isnt a choice

Poverty Isn’t a Choice

It astounds me how often I hear people comment on how poor and homeless people should get out there and act toward a better future. They use language that you hear self-help gurus use, like, “Everything in life is a … Continue reading

Ride with Valor does renovations for Veterans

Ride with Valor: The Next Step in Solving Veteran Homelessness


Advocates say Phoenix Broke the Law by Sweeping ‘The Zone’

Biden Administration

Biden Administration Launches Initiative to End Unsheltered Homelessness

homelessness in oregon

Oregon Governor Says Plans to Address Homelessness Lack Clarity

Deaths in Los Angeles increasing among unsheltered homeless people

Deaths Among Unhoused Los Angelenos Reaches Record High

Vancouver Downtown Eastside

Vancouver Removes Unhoused People Through Forced Encampment Sweeps

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