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Homeless Veteran's ID Taken by Police Stripped of Access to Shelter


Homelessness in San Diego

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20 Years Old, Pregnant, and Living in a Tent Homeless in San Diego


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homeless Veteran

San Diego Decides to End Veteran Homelessness

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While the Rest of California Struggles, San Diego Excels with Housing Program

USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

We Can’t Let Homeless People Die: USC Street Medicine on Skid Row

homelessness in california

Gov. Newsom’s Homeless Initiatives Place Shelter over Solutions


Open Letter to California: Please Vote Yes on 21


San Diego OG Shares His Experience with Prison’s Revolving Door into Homelessness

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LAPD’s Systematic Assault Against Homeless People

Voices of Our City

Amid the Deadly Pandemic, a Homeless Choir Amplifies the Message of Hope

Amie Zamudio and Tasha Williamson

Hotel Vouchers 4 All Provides San Diego Homeless People with Shelter During Pandemic

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Homelessness Isn’t Just an Urban Problem

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Street Musician and Homeless in San Diego Glen Pops Freeman Sings to Us

Glen Pops Freeman

Patrick and his wife went from a 4 bedroom house to living in their van homeless