Hotels for homeless people

Hotels Can Offer Permanent, Affordable Housing Solutions

Man evicted from his home during moratorium

Extend the Eviction Moratorium to Prevent Millions from Becoming Homeless

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Appeals Court Leaves Eviction Moratorium in Place amid Legal Storm


Did Your Landlord Violate the Eviction Moratorium?


Delaware PIT Count Reveals Shocking 35% Increase in Homelessness Statewide

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Why People Experiencing Homelessness Avoid Shelters

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Vacated Eviction Moratorium Puts Millions of Renters At Risk of Homelessness

No Vacancy for FEMA

Illogical Vacancy: Cities All Over the Nation Refuse to House Homeless People in Hotels

Cancel Evictions

Study Shows the Eviction Moratorium Saved Lives

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Study Finds Eviction Moratorium Provides Broad Benefits to Low-Income Households

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Have Homeless People in the US Been Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines?

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Mobile Homelessness Is the Highest It Has Ever Been

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Increased Long-Term Care Costs Could Accelerate Aged Homelessness

Homeless Tents Spilling into Portland City Sidewalks.

HUD Report Shows Homelessness Was Increasing Even Before COVID Hit

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Study Highlights Impacts of COVID-19 on Youth Homelessness across the US

tenants face eviction

The Eviction Moratorium Must Be Strengthened, Extended, Strictly Enforced and Paired with Rent Relief

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The American Rescue Plan Could Help Prevent Homelessness, but Timeliness and Efficiency Matter

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Now Is the Optimal Time to Buy Hotels to House Individuals Experiencing Homelessness