Cold Weather

homeless people, warming shelters and cold weather

What Happens to Homeless People When the Winter Weather Thaws?

Homeless man, in Manchester, New Hampshire, freezing from the cold weather


freezing to death, homeless bodies found frozen to death

Freezing to Death: Homeless Bodies Found Frozen Across America

homelessness is awful every season

Homelessness Isn’t Seasonal, It’s a Year-Round Struggle

Warming Center needed for Homeless People

Manchester Warming Shelter Gets Push Back Despite Desperate Need

Homeless camps in Denver

Denver Nonprofits Call on City to Stop Sweeping Encampments During Freezing Weather

Winter and homelessness

What It Is Like Experiencing Homelessness in Winter

Protect homeless people from cold weather

4 Ways to Help Protect Homeless People from Cold Weather

homeless outside during freezing temperatures

Why Aren’t Warming Centers Used More to Protect Homeless People from the Cold?

Montreal Homeless Man walking in snow

Bitter Cold is Claiming Homeless People’s Lives in Montreal

Homeless Man Surviving the Tough Streets of New York City


hypothermia and homelessness

Cold Truth: Hypothermia is Taking Homeless People’s Lives

Porta Potty where homeless man froze to death

Montreal Homeless Man Freezes to Death Trying to Seek Shelter from Cold

Illegal sweeps

Bellingham Police Conduct Illegal Sweeps of Homeless Encampment


How Is Montreal Keeping the City’s Homeless Safe This Winter?

Homeless person on Toronto streets during cold winter

Toronto’s Winter Plan for Homeless People Opens 560 Spaces

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Denver Uses Xeriscaping to Prevent Homeless Encampments

rough sleeper sleeping in snow

Rough Sleepers Will Die This Winter Without Government Action